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Posted on 05-07-2013

Pregnancy & Chiropractic: Week 22 with Erin and her baby bump!

Lately I have been waking up in the middle of the night with charley horse pains in my calf muscles. The cramping always happens when I am lying down and relieved once I am able to stretch my calf muscle out. I stretch this muscle by pointing my toes and foot back towards the front of my shin.
This is a common symptom to have... especially at night. During the day you are up and moving around which helps your heart pump blood throughout your body. When you are lying down fluid can become stagnant in your legs because your heart isn't getting any help with returning blood flow. This stagnant fluid can cause those cramping sensations.
Not only will leg stretches help while you are lying down, but regular chiropractic care can help as well. As talked about in previous weeks getting adjusted will help maintain blood flow throughout your body. Dr. Hunter can perform ART therapy to my cramping muscles. Dr. Nick can perform the Graston technique to break-up adhesions and increase blood flow as well.
Are you familiar with the ART and Graston techniques? If not ask our doctors.

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