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Posted on 07-30-2015

Ask Your Chiro: "Is it normal for my kid to be so sore after Sports?"

Some soreness and fatigue that you'd associate with a workout or training program is normal. Here are some tips to reduce and prevent muscle soreness and speed up recovery:

  1. Dynamic warm up and cool down – This includes things like walking lunges with trunk rotation, high knees, butt kickers etc.  This helps to loosen muscles, increase circulation and reduce lactic acid build up within muscles.
  2. Rest days during training – Many people subscribe to the idea that “more is more,” where in actuality, overtraining can start to hinder performance and put too much stress on the athlete.  It is important to let your body recover during rest days to give your body a chance to go through the physiologic changes it needs to make such as building muscle.
  3. Nutrition for recovery – It is important to replace what was lost during training, thus making post workout nutrition extremely important.  Depending on the type of training that you are doing, such as endurance training or strength training, recovery nutrition will vary as far how much of each nutrient, but you want to make sure you are getting in enough protein (to build/replace muscle tissue), carbohydrates (glycogen storage and uptake of protein), electrolytes, and especially water!  Particularly, research shows that consuming your post workout nutrition needs to be done within the first half hour after training to obtain maximal benefit.  For example, if you drink a recovery post workout drink, it needs to be taken within a half hour after your workout.

- Dr. Adam Mootz

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