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Your Chiropractic Journey

What's your Chiropractic Journey? Each patient has their own unique journey through Chiropractic care; that's the beautiful thing about what we do. We'd love to hear about yours! Because Chiropractic care is tailored to the individual patient and their needs, it creates a unique journey and relationship between you and your doctor. Please share your journey with us today!

By clicking the link below, and submitting my Chiropractic Journey testimony, I state that I have read, reviewed and agree to the terms of the Authorization to Release PHI Form.

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"I always have a fabulous experience at Belville & Associates Chiropractic. I have been going to Dr. Belville for about 33 years now, since when he first started his practice. I’m currently in the middle of a work comp situation with my knee and he always seems to suggest the right things for me. His recommendations always work and I’m always very happy with the outcome. I’ve never gone anywhere else because I really trust Dr. Belville and I trust the things he tells me. He’s always ready with a good answer and I respect him for that. I refer people often when they’re having some of the same problems that I’ve had throughout the years and I know many people who go to him after I’ve suggested him."

-Terre J.

"I just wanted to thank Dr. Mootz for everything that he has done for me in helping me continue to feel my best and achieve my personal fitness goals. As a fitness trainer, I have recommended Belville & Associates to other fitness professionals for their personal chiropractic care and that of our clients, and I will continue to do so!"

-Nate S.

Anytime Fitness, Director of Personal Training

"I have been a patient since Dr. B. came to town. I would not consider going to any other Chiro in the Oshkosh area. He listens, the office area is clean as a whistle. Thank you for all you have done for my family."

-Daniel M.

"Our Daughter was born 16 weeks premature and after NICU discharge, suffered from torticolis (tight neck muscles) and ended up with plagiocephaly (flat spot on head). Through her chiropractic experience, she has gained total neck mobility and completely avoided a very expensive helmet to reshape her head!"

- Tyler, Nikki & Presley T.

"First buck ever taken with my crossbow. Because of excellent Chiropractic care I've been able to use a crossbow for several years before the law changed. With lower back and shoulder issues a crossbow was the only alternative. Finally in 2014 a buck came within range. Thank you Belville Chiropractic Clinic!"

Ky R.

"My first visit I came in with wrist pain from my career as a hairdresser, months later I'm still feeling better than ever!  I recently came back to the office after suffering a concussion.  Dr. Nick helped ease my pain and advise me on how to heal with a brain injury.  I have seen a family doctor about these issues and have not received this kind of care.  Chiropractic care has been truly beneficial to my well being.  The doctors at BACC are truly passionate about what they do and it shows.  I would highly recommend them."

Chelsea K.

"When I first came here, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to, but my doctors advised it. After my first meeting with Dr. Mootz, I was so glad I listened to my doctors. I’m not a “doctor” person. Dr. Mootz put my mind at ease and from then on I’m so happy I started his help. When I first came in I had such back pain I never thought anything would help. With his help and guidance I am now 99% better. I can’t thank him enough. The staff at this office is always friendly and helpful.”

- Pat M.

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